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This is a list of sites we've found to be especially interesting or informative in our work on military environmental cleanup. We provide the links as jumping-off points to help you to find new resources on the web. Please let us know if you have any feedback or additions that will help us to make the page more useful to you or to others who may come after you. Also, please let us know of any links that do not work. Thanks! isis@hampshire.edu

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Citizen Organizations

Environmental Health, & Safety Resources

Government Agencies, Offices, & Regulations

Military and Related Sites

Restoration Advisory Boards (RABs)

Science and Technology

Social Science Resources


Citizen Organizations

Alliance for Nuclear Accountability
The Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (formerly Military Production Network) is an alliance of grassroots and national organizations working to address issues of nuclear weapons production and waste clean-up.

Arc Ecology
This San Francisco organization does national Community Caucuses and technical assistance work in the Bay Area. Contact them via email for more information.

Center for Health, Environment and Justice
Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste (formerly CCHW) got its start in a grassroots effort that win federal relocation of families victimized by toxic waste at Love Canal. The group was founded in 1981, and now supports other people in similar circumstances.

Center for Public Environmental Oversight San Francisco's CPEO (formerly CareerPro) focuses on community oversight in military cleanup. Organizers of the "Getting on Board" stakeholder conferences around the U.S., as well as the online "cpro.military" discussion list.

Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger
Active citizen's group at the Badger Munitions Plant.

Fort Ord Toxics Project

Four Town Families Organized to Clean Up Sites (FOCUS)
FOCU.S. advocates on behalf of the cleanup and reuse of the Fort Devens, MA, Sudbury Annex and on behalf of the residents of the surrounding communities of Sudbury, Maynard, Stow, and Hudson.

Military Toxics Project
National grassroots organization on military toxics with several interest-networks, including depleted uranium, conventional munitions, and Restoration Advisory Boards.

Rural Alliance for Military Accountability (RAMA)

Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) Hazard Page
This page of SEJ's site concerns hazardous and solid waste. It contains links to the Superfund home page with access to five major EPA databases

Toxics Action Center
Boston-based TAC supports citizen efforts to prevent and reduce toxics impacts on their communities. Their geographic focus is expanding, and currently concentrates on Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Tri-Valley CARE
Site of the Communities Against a Radioactive Environment. Local citizens concerned that nuclear weapons work at the Lawrence Livermore and Sandia Livermore Laboratories was impacting the environmental well-being of our communities. Email lists, radioactive release information and Fact Sheets

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
Institute dealing with Nuclear Waste, Sustainable Energy, Citizen education, Science and Democracy. "The Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IEER) is dedicated to increasing public involvement in and control over environmental problems through the democratization of science."

Environmental Health, & Safety Resources

Chemical Scorecard
This new Environmental Defense Fund site uses government databases to create maps of your community, helping you find the "who, what, where, and how much" of local pollution, as well as chemical information and regulatory control.

DOE's Office of Environment, Safety and Health (ESH)
Welcome page to the Department of Energy's ESH site with explanation of mission, organization, and strategic plan.

Earth Action Home Page
A global network for environmental peace and social justice. Site originates out of www.oneworld.org which is a network of 120 global justice programs.

Econet is about ecological sustainability and environmental justice. A terrific listing of resources, easily accessed due to good organization.

Envirolink site is dedicated to community, ecology, connection. They have an excellent library link to resources on the net, and you can add your own site to their library. It is organized into sections to find things more easily.

Environmental Research Foundation
ERF writes the Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly, which provides well-researched articles on environment and health issues. Some of the archived editions cover military nuclear and toxic waste problems.

Hazardous Waste and Toxic Substances
The Waste Production Association site contains numerous links on hazardous waste and toxic substances.

IGC Toxics & Waste
Resource listing of organizations and databases on toxics and waste from the Institute for Global Communication (IGC).

Right-To-Know Network
Nonprofit organization focused on disclosure issues. RTK Net provides access to several databases on hazardous materials use, emergency planning, and accident reports, as well as updates on the ongoing struggle to keep such information available to the public.

Chemical Weapons Working Group
Nonprofit organization fighting chemical weapons stockpiles, based at the Kentucky Environmental Foundation. Fact Sheets, citizen alerts and information on the environmental and health dangers of chemical weapons.

Environmental Health Coalition
EHC, based in San Diego, "is dedicated to the prevention and cleanup of toxic pollution threatening our health, our communities and our environment. We monitor government and industry actions that cause pollution, educate communities about toxics use reduction and empower the community to join our cause." Alerts, Environmental Justice and Military Cleanup/Pollution information.

Government Agencies, Offices, Regulations

Thomas Online: Legislative Information on the Net
This resource from the Library of Congress provides information on bills before Congress, text of congressional record, historical documents, information on the legislative process, and links to U.S. government internet resources.

Federal Information Exchange, Inc.
Information on federal and educational research funding announcements. You can register to receive free email announcements of funding opportunities.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Well-organized, has links to regulations, offices, publications, state local and tribal governments (SLATE), researchers and scientists.

U.S. EPA Region 5 Water Division
Water Division includes responsibility for implementation of the provisions of the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act. Lots of information available at this site on water-related topics.

U.S. EPA Superfund Program
This is the home page for the Superfund program within the EPA's office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response.

EPA Clean Air Act Database
Information from EPA databases. Excellent resource.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Information on: nuclear reactors, nuclear materials, radioactive waste, news, public involvement with the NRC, strategic assessment initiative. Best feature: information regarding where radioactive waste disposal sites are located.

U.S. Department of Energy
Official Dept. of Energy site with information on regulations, energy news, partnership opportunities, resources, and databases.

U.S. Geological Survey
Home page of the USGS with info on: geology, biology, mapping, water, environment, hazards, natural resources and more. This extensive site is a fantastic resource.

White House
This official White House site contains information on commonly requested federal services, interactive citizens' handbook, virtual library, white house history.

U.S. Senate
Information about senators, legislative activities, committees, senate history. Graphic (image map) takes a couple of minutes to load.

Library of Congress
Great research tool. Site takes many minutes to load depending on the time of day you try to access it.

Council on Environmental Quality
A fairly new site off the White House site, sponsored by the government. Information on the administration's environmental record, environmental links on the web, and search function to search the White House library.

Environmental Impact Analysis Data Links
Excellent site for resources on the web concerned with environmental issues. Lots of databases for professionals and civilians. An extensive list of links, governmental and non-governmental.

Infoeagle Government Doc: ACE comments
Comments filed with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by a non-profit environmental justice center called Alternatives for Community & Environment, Inc. (ACE). Comments on proposed revisions to the Commonwealth's hazardous waste system. From the Infoeagle database.

DOE Office of Environment, Safety and Health (ESH)
Welcome page to Department of Energy's ESH office with explanation of mission, organization, and strategic plan.

Office of Environment, Safety and Health (ESH)
Welcome page to ESH with explanation of mission, organization, and strategic plan.

U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO)
General Accounting Office (GAO) is the investigative arm of Congress. Charged with examining matters relating to the receipt and disbursement of public funds, GAO performs audits and evaluations of Government programs and activities.

GAO Reports
This site has recent news and reports from the GAO.

All of the Fedworld -- government -- sites are listed here. FedWorld is a project, set up by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), that connects you electronically to many Federal departments and agencies using both the World Wide Web and traditional bulletin board dialup.

Federal Preservation Officers
Listing of federal officers handling preservation efforts for various agencies under the National Historic Preservation Act.

Federal Information Exchange, Inc.
Information on federal and educational research funding announcements. You can register to receive free email announcements of funding opportunities.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance (OTA)
Technical assistance for toxics use reduction. Site administered out of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs in Massachusetts.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Official website of the Commonwealth. Offers information on agencies, services, publications, financial and budget reports, and communities within the state.

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
Extensive information and fact sheets on environmental issues within the state.

Technical Outreach Services for Communities (TOSC)
Home page of the EPA-sponsored TOSC program. Communities affected by pollution problems can obtain free, independent technical assistance at one of the five TOSC centers around the country.

Military & Related Sites

DoD Base Reuse Implementation Manual
Complete manual on base reuse.

Fort Drum
Fort Drum, N.Y., is one of the Army's newest and most modern installations. It is located near Watertown, in upstate New York.

United States Military Academy
West Point

Loring AFB
Loring, indexe

Loring Commerce Center
A site from the Loring Commerce Centre, a former Strategic Air Command Air Force base, providing information on business opportunities that have come from recent federal government investment of more than $300 million in new construction and renovation of existing facilities at Loring AFB.

Fort Devens Sudbury Annex
The Fort Devens Sudbury Training Annex, or "Ammunition Dump" as the Annex is locally known, is an inactive 2,450 acre Army base located in the towns of Maynard, Stow, Hudson, and Sudbury. Annex was used by different military agencies for the testing and disposal of military materials and hazardous waste, including ammunition, solvents, and petroleum products.

Defense Environmental Network & Information eXchange is designed to provide DoD personnel in the environmental security arena with timely access to environmental legislative, compliance, restoration, cleanup, safety & occupational health, security, and DoD guidance information.

Department of Defense Environmental Restoration/Small Business Link
Web resources for small and minority businesses interested in supporting the DoD environmental cleanup mission. Site contains: RAB resources, information on environmental contracts and contract announcements, conferences and meetings, and publications on environmental policy and environmental restoration programs along with DOD press releases and annual reports to Congress. Well-organized.

Defense Department Environmental Cleanup Home Page.
This is the Office of the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Environmental Cleanup. Look here for Annual Reports to Congress on the status of DoD cleanup, the Technical Assistance for Public Participation program, and otherinformation on the state of national military clean-up.

CEDAR is the California Economic, Diversification, and Revitalization site. It contains information about military base closure and reuse.

Center for Ecological Management of Military Lands (CEMML)
Research and service unit within the Department of Forest Sciences at Colorado State University. They provide support to DOD.

National Defense Center for Environmental Excellence
This site is about applied research and development, training, and transition to environmentally acceptable materials and process from defense to industrial activities and private industry.

Background and Issues for Congress on DOD Environmental Programs
Expresses concerns over the efficiency and accountability of DOD's environmental programs. Discussion of defense environmental programs as a "non-defense" activity and reduction of the scope and cost of Federal environmental regulations. Site contains fairly detailed review of the structure of DOD environmental programs funding trends, and key issues.

Center for Defense Information
Research Organization studying and monitoring military affairs, such as overspending, environmental degradation by military activities, world peace and security.

Westover Air Reserve Base Online
Official Website of Westover Air Reserve Base, where ISIS participates in the RAB. No information on environmental restoration, but some pictures of endangered species and conservation areas on base.

Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)

DOD RAB Guidelines
This DOD & EPA site supplies the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) Implementation Guidelines.

Kelly AFB, San Antonio, TX
Stakeholder Involvement Opportunities, contains links to their RAB.

Huntsville Center
Procedures to establish and indextain a RAB.

Southwest Division Naval Facilities
Covers air and naval stations at sites throughout the southwest. Information provided on RABs in: San Pedro, El Toro, Tustin, El Centro, Miramar, North Island, Long Beach, San Diego, Oxnard Plain, Salton City.

Tinker Air Force Base and Oklahoma City
Charter and minutes of this RAB.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal
RAB Information Book. Site contains: fact sheet, responsibilities, rules, sample agendas and minutes, brief history of Rocky Mountain Arsenal, budgets, and map.

Rocky Flats Citizens Advisory Board
Information on the former nuclear weapons complex, citizen participation and environmental restoration. Excellent links to other nuclear-related sites.

Naval Education and Training Center, Newport, Rhode Island
News releases that include information about RAB meetings.

Community Advisory Board (CAB), Nevada Test Site Programs
Information about the CAB, charter, purpose, guidelines.

Fort Sheridan Ecological Remediation Analysis.
Information on Fort Sheridan, IL. Critical review on the cleanup process and the army's activities from concerned citizens.

Science & Technology

Spectrum Laboratories, Inc. One of the best sites we've found for quick-reference chemical information. Spectrum's online chemical fact sheets summarize physical properties, and usage, health, and environmental data. There are two indices, one sorted by compound name, and the other by CAS number. The lists are long, but you can use your browser's 'find on page' function to find a specific compound.

Groundwater and Surface Water
A basic background and overview on groundwater, explaining what it is and the hazards to it, from the book: Reporting on the Environment: A Handbook for Journalists.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Spatial Data Sites
This site is provided by the EPA Office of policy, planning and evaluation, the Center for Environmental Statistics of Geographic Information Systems. Access to digital data and data products from numerous agencies on the federal, state, and county levels. Also has other GIS resources.

GIS and Society
The Social Implications of how people, space, and environment are Represented in GIS (geographical information systems). This site is about Initiative 19 of the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA). It is funded under the auspices of the National Science Foundation (NSF).

U.S. EPA National Risk Management Research Lab--Subsurface Protection and Research Division
This EPA site provides subsurface technical information, groundwater modelling software, and remediation information.

DOD Groundwater Modeling System (GMS)
Overview of GMS, download the latest GMS software, models, faqs, links, and training.

National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA)
NCGIA is a research consortium whose primary mandate is to conduct basicresearch in geographic information science and its related technology.

National Science Foundation
Information on program areas, U.S. science statistics, grants and awards, and other resources.

U.S. Geological Survey
Home page of the USGS with info on: geology, biology, mapping, water, environment, hazards, natural resources and more. This extensive site is a fantastic resource.

National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
U.S. Geological Survey Node Digital Satellite Images

Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
Site concerns high level radioactive wastes.

Geology and Geophysics Page
Data from the automatic sensors at the University of Washington, automatic machine location for large local event, earthquake notification summary. Links to seismic events in the Northwest U.S., volcano observatories, geophysics programs, and the USGS.

Hydrogeologist's Home Page
A collection of hundreds of links to hydrogeological organizations, software and data repositories, publications, and other resources of potential use to hydrogeologists.

National Toxicology Program (NTP)
Toxicology reports and information from NTP which is a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Info on chemical health and safety and publications.

Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry
This federal agency studies and documents health effects of various chemicals. They provide hazardous substance fact sheets that describe the substance chemically, tell you where the substance might be used, and give you the medical symptoms that might occur with short term and long term exposure. Look here for ATSDR's Hazardous Substance Release/Health Effects Databases, ATSDR/EPA Priority List of hazardous substances, and information on releases of hazardous substances from Superfund sites or from emergency events.

This site provides a single point of access to a variety of CDC reports, guidelines, and numeric public health data. There is an overview to help you navigate query and search engines within the site.

Vermont Siri MSDS Collection
You can search here to get to links of some publicly accessible MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets information. However, most chemical manufacturers have their own MSDS for their specific products online, so you should check those first.

International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSC)
You can obtain chemical safety cards from this site. Some 800 cards are currently available on floppy and on paper in English. Selected cards have been translated into more than 20 languages.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
LLNL is operated by the University of California under a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy. Information on the lab's research projects, publications and technical papers, conference proceedings, and library resources.

Electronics Radiation Response Info Center (ERRIC)
This site comes from the DOD with information about radiation from electronics, highly technical.

Wetland Regulations Center
Site provides information regarding laws, policies, and regulations concerned with activities under Section 401 and 404 of the Clean Water Act which includes wetlands.

Toxic Waste Bibliography
This page is an extensive bibliography, but the American Indian Heritage Foundation, on toxic and nuclear waste dumping on Native American lands. An excellent reference page on the topic. Also, check out their
Native Americans and the Environment page.

United Nations Environment Programme
The UN Page on Environmental Issues. News, Current Events, and Links

CIS Home Page
This is the ILO - CIS - International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre. The CIS provides information on occupational safety and health. Site includes: legislation, regulations and directives; chemical safety data sheets; training materials and methods; audiovisual aids; research reports, scientific articles, codes of practice, and technical data sheets.

National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC)
NTTC is the hub of a national network linking U.S. companies with federal laboratories to turn government research into practical, commercially-relevant technology. Extensive links to information.

Bioremediation Research Abstracts
This site provides links to bioremediation research abstracts. Highly technical.

Hazardous Substance Research Centers (HSRC) Home Page
This is a national organization that carries out an active program of basic and applied research, technology transfer, and training. HSRC is funded by EPA, Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Defense, academia, industry, and other state and federal government agencies.

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC)
CDIAC is the primary global-change data and information analysis center of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). It includes the World Data Center-A for Atmospheric Trace Gases.

Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER)
The U.S. LTER Network was established by the National Science Foundation to support research on long-term ecological phenomena in the United States. Site has information on data management, conferences, core research areas, remote sensing and GIS coordination, ecosystems maps, satellite images and other items.

Pollution Prevention Report from the Chemical Manufacturers Association
Report covers responsible care, pollution prevention, toxics release inventory, chemical industry profiles.

American Population Water Supply
This is a map that shows the percentage of the U.S. population relying on groundwater, by state.

Environmental Facts
A fascinating list of facts about recycling in America and how many resources are wasted. This comes from the OPPTA site in Indiana.

Office of Pollution Prevention and Technical Assistance (OPPTA)
OPPTA is located in Indiana and works to stop pollution at its source. Site provides information on tasks including: source reduction plans for industries to prevent pollution, grant programs to encourage innovation in pollution reduction, state-wide recycling efforts, education and outreach efforts through workshops and seminars.

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IEER)
IEER is dedicated to public involvement and control over environmental problems by democratizing science. Primary focus is on environmental and security issues related to nuclear weapons production and testing. Site contains: newsletters, fact sheet file, online technical training classroom, technical reports, and links to nuclear and environment sites.

Global Network of Environment & Technology (GNET)
The GNET site contains news reports on communication, information technology, and environment. Also lots of links to environment and technology sites.

Pollution Prevention Fact Sheet #1
This pollution prevention fact sheet is from the Environmental Protection Branch, Ontario Region, Canada. It covers what pollution prevention is and why it should be adopted, what federal facilities can do, and success stories.

Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center
This is the site for the Environmental Restoration Division on landfill covers/caps.

In-Situ Capping of contaminated Sediments
Information on in-situ capping. Material on this site developed by the Hazardous Substance Research Centers.

BioGroup discussion
Information exchange for the bioremediation community, which provides a window to the cutting edge of the bioremediation. This newsgroup is hosted by GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc., and is very technical.

Sustainable Economic and Environmental Knowledge
Interactive GIS database for the concerned citizen. Includes chemical release inventories, "toxic maps" and more. Links to sustainable development sites and other GIS-related information for laypersons and experts.

Social Sciences

Coombsweb Social Sciences Server
From the Australian National University, this is a networked research system with information on social sciences and Asian studies. A really terrific resource center.

Yale University Anthropology Internet Resources
Excellent listing of sites to research anthropology topics.
OOPS! not working now. Anyone with help for replacing this or knowledge of where it went, please write to us.

WWW Anthropology Virtual Library
A large index of sites on the web concerning: anthropology, archaeology, evolution, primatology, linguistics, demography and population studies, native american studies, kinship, journals, films, and institutions. A wonderful resource.

Resources for Social Researchers
OOPS! not working now: anyone have an idea where this went OR what to replace it with? Please write to us with ways to improve/replace this set of: Links to sociological resources and references.

A Sociological Resource Center.

Research Resources for the Social Sciences
An extensive listing of links to research resources for social scientists. br> OOPS! not working now. Anyone with help for replacing this or knowledge of where it went, please write to us.

Economic Insights Page
This page is from the Joint Economic Committee in the Senate.br> OOPS! not working now. Anyone with help for replacing this or knowledge of where it went, please write to us.

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