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Mother Tongue is an ongoing, interactive, community, visual dialogue. The dialogue is an exchange of ideas and visual responses between participant and an existing body of artwork. The artwork takes the form of horizontal 1' x 4' modular panels, assembled in thematic or associative groupings and is arranged differently each time it is exhibited. To date, Mother Tongue contains more than 350 artworks created by 150 people. Each of the 350 panels acts as a word, sentence or paragraph, which when viewed in relationship to one another, establishes a "visual conversation".

In an exhibition space that contains work areas and art materials, visitors to the exhibition view the visual dialogue in process and respond by creating their own panel. As the project is open to those who define themselves as artists and those who may not, the 1' x 4' panel format grounds the diversity of subject matter and individual style allowing each participant equal footing in the exchange. The painted and relief images produced are the evidence of a shared investigation into the nature of language and the process of thought. Their surfaces reflect a continuous cycle by which information and responses are examined and embodied in images. The ongoing and participatory nature of the project keeps the conversation active. With the addition of each new panel there is the potential for changes in meaning or direction within the dialogue.


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