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ISIS acknowledges these foundations and individuals for their essential contributions to the Amazon Project.

The following foundations have supported our work:
Acorn Foundation
Agape Foundation
Cottonwood Foundation
Food Industry Crusade Against Hunger (FICAH)
MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger
New England Biolabs Foundation
Oxfam America
Public Welfare Foundation
Rainforest Cafe
Siona-Secoya Foundation
Solidago Foundation
Solstice Foundation
Thornton Foundation
Tides Foundation
Yankee-Arrowhead Foundation

In addition, a number of major individual donors have contributed:
Elizabeth Arfin
Lori Barg
Monty Bassow
Olivia Bernard
Herb & Mary Bernstein
Lisa Bertoldi
Barbara Chaves
Dorothy Clarke
Dean Cycon
Tom Ewing
Mike & Kim Fortun
Ron LaVigne
Mishy Lesser
George Levinger
Ian McCallum
Lynn Miller
William Nugent
Kit Oldham
Neild Oldham
Harry Saal
Bob Winston well as many other private donors.

Thank you all for your generous support of the Amazon Project!

Last updated February 2002