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The Amazon Project combines scientific and legal work to support the autonomy of indigenous Amazonian peoples and to protect the rainforest that sustains their lives and cultures. Begun in 1997 as an assisted self-help project with the Secoya people of Ecuador, the Project addresses challenges that are local, national, and global in nature, such as biodiversity loss, habitat destruction, the extraction of non-renewable resources, and the need for sustainable development.

Starting with the concept of "science for survival"—a combination of indigenous knowledges necessary to survive the onslaught of modernity with the best ecological solutions of modern science—the Project works to combine old traditions and the newest science in creative and culturally-sustaining ways. It uses a multi-disciplinary approach to partner with indigenous nationalities (re)building their autonomy and defending their environment in a rapidly changing world.

Our work currently covers five project areas:
Responses to
Oil Development
Environmental Monitoring Indigenous Aqua-
culture Initiative
Plan Colombia   Indigenous Rights