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"On the Limits to Knowledge"

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April 29
Dr. Lynn Margulis:
Gaia and Endosymbiogenesis

April 15
Dr. Piet Hut:
Varieties of Limits to Scientific Knowledge

April 22
Dr. Michael Fortun:
Knowledge? Limn It!

April 1
Dr. Robert Buderi:
Engines of Tomorrow

March 11
Anton Zeilinger:
Quantum Physics

February 25
O. Tacheeni Scott:
Cultural Intuition and Codified Knowledge

February 8
Charles Bennett:
Quantum Computation

December 3
Judith Helfand:
A Healthy Baby Girl

December 3
Scott Nadel:
How Medical Imagery Works

November 17
Mark Bernstein:
Judges, Experts, & Science

November 6
Mary James:
Science and the Inner Sanctum

October 27
Lee Smolin:
The Life of the Cosmos

October 15
Everett Mendelsohn:
The Ideological Allure of Eugenics

September 24
Thomas Kerns:
Dr. Jenner's Incredible Smallpox Experiment

September 22
Environmental Management in Ecuador